‘The Heroin Diaries’ Inspires New Music From Nikki Sixx

and Brides of Destruction bassist Nikki Sixx posted an update on the Diary section of Crue’s official web site. Sixx writes, “I’ve been locked in my home studio writing music for ‘The Heroin Diaries’. I’ve also been hard at work buttoning up the book [autobiography] (of the same name). All this stuff will come out next year. Very exciting project for me. I’ve turned my back on Pro Tools and have dived head-on into logic pro 7. A must tool for songwriting. The new Crue songs turned out fu**in killer. Not sure where they will turn up, but like any good splinter, I’m sure they will work themselves out and break through to the surface sometime. Who knows, not me. Mick [Mars] is doing great and sends his love.”

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