The Hell Starts For Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins and brother Dan Hawkins of spoke with ‘Top Of The Pops’ in a Q&A and asked if the new album ‘One Way Ticket to Hell…And Back’, due November 29th, was heaven or hell to make. “It was heaven once it was finished,” Dan said. Justin added, “No it wasn’t – that’s when the hell starts! That’s when we have to do all the work. It was heaven making it, but when it’s finished, that’s when… actually, it’s not that bad. It’s more like heaven and earth.” The singer expanded, “Heaven is making it, but then earth is when you have to listen to everyone’s criticisms of it. You end up having to justify it all, but the most important thing is the music, because that’s the fun part to do. [Hippy voice] It’s all about the music, man!” The transcript at has since been removed.

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