The Get Go Sidelined By Chris Dalle’s Hernia Surgery

Chris Dalle of The Get Go checked in with fans on the Chicago rock group’s blog at MySpace (@thegetgorock) on Tuesday (December 23). Dalle writes:


So, we have been looking forward to playing with our friends in Tonight the prom. Unfortunately, It looks as if Chris is going to have to have surgery. He has had a hernia for nearly 10 years and has been playing shows and etc. only making it worse but never having the time to get it fixed. Well, the hernia has become much worse and at this moment Chris is unable to even stand without severe pain and feeling horribly sick to his stomach. He will be seeing his doctor and then a surgeon. The surgery will be scheduled and once it is done it will take 6 weeks to fully recover. We hope you are not inconvenienced by our cancelling our performance and hope to see you next time we play. Chris could of course use some support because he hates the idea of surgery and loves getting messages.. I know this because this is Chris typing.. haha. Anyway, I’m ready to get this taken care of and hope to see you all very soon!

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