The Flaming Lips Experiment With Near Levitation

“There’s been a couple of shows that we’ve played where if levitation was possible everybody in the room would have floated.” ’ frontman Wayne Coyne tells Murray Engleheart of Beat magazine of Australia. “I think it was the last time we played New York City on the Soft Bulletin tour. People were crying. You just wish it happened every night and you try but it doesn’t. But occasionally it really soars. On this particular night we did ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ at the very end of the set and it could be the sort of thing that people look at and go, that’s just a bunch of sappy bullsh**! But they didn’t. They took it just the way I wished that they would and it really rang true; a sort of a longing and wishing and knowing that a better day is coming and not complaining about the day you had.” has since removed the article.

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