The Fire Theft Are Wary Of Record Labels

Andrew Bonazelli of Seattle Weekly caught up with former Sunny Day Real Estate members Will Goldsmith and Jeremy Enigk who are at it again with their new band the Fire Theft. Don’t look for a debut album anytime soon though. “We’re in limbo,” Goldsmith admits. “We made the record ourselves without the help of anybody else, except [producer] Brad Wood. We got a business loan from the bank to pay him, and to get some gear and for our survival, but that’s been out for a long time. But we refuse to sign a deal because we’re broke. We’re very, very, very wary of record labels. The offers are there, the interest is there, but…” Frontman Enigk added, “We’re seriously considering putting out the record ourselves, just trying to do it on a small level and hope that it can grow.” Read more.

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