The Faint Frontman Too Busy To Ponder Follow-Up

singer Todd Baechle tells Australia’s Time Off magazine that they’ve been so busy rehearsing and refining their live show, they haven’t thought much about a follow-up to ‘Wet From Birth’. “We’ve been getting together every single day at our practice space,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of songs we have to learn how to play and we also have to make videos for the live show. [Post-recording and pre-touring] is the time when we get to play catch-up and actually become the band that can play the songs we’ve just made. At this point we’re not interested in having them differ too much from record to the stage. It took a long time to decide how we were going to record them so we’re not going to change them just yet. When we write songs we don’t think too much about how we’re going to play them live.”

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