The Explosion Won’t Lose Their Punk Cred At Virgin

The Explosion vocalist Matt Hock attempted to convince Time Off magazine readers why signing to a major label (Virgin) won’t be a deathblow to the band’s credibility. “Signing to a big label was never going to be a problem for us, because we were ready,” he said. “We weren’t some naïve, know-nothing band who were going to let some big company push us around or tell us what to do. We already knew what we were doing and we know exactly where we want to go. Before we signed, we were organizing our own tours, selling the merchandise, controlling the music and the artistic vision of everything we did, so we weren’t going to change just because we signed. We see it as a huge positive, never a negative. We just want to get our music out there to as many people as we can and this was the way to do it. We just want our fans to get their hands on our music.”

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