‘The End Of The Beginning’ A Documentary For Like A Storm

Like A Storm

ARTISTdirect featured a video interview and performance with Like a Storm, where the New Zealand rock band talked about their music in this clip and performed acoustic guitar and bongo-laced renditions of songs like ‘Chemical Infatuation’ and ‘Enemy’. “I guess the common thread is that everything on this record is the story of two years of our lives,” Matt Brooks said about ‘The End of the Beginning’. “‘Chemical Infatuation’ and what we were going through feeling that kind of desire and addition where you feel you’re out of control. ‘Galaxy’, losing someone who was really, really close to use. That song is like a eulogy. ‘Enemy’ is that feeling where your best friend becomes your worst enemy. All those songs on the record for us, that’s just the story of two years of our lives.” Watch the feature at artistdirect.com.

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