The Edge Rambles On At Grammys

won the Grammy award Wednesday night in the best rock performance by a duo or group category with ‘Elevation’. In accepting the award, The Edge commented: “None of us thought we’d get this one. This is amazing. First off I just wanted to apologize for last year’s Grammy speech. Apparently, I went on quite a bit. Well, you know, there was a lot to go on about last year. Last year was a great year. And this year, there are some very special things also that have happened to me which I just want to tell you about.” Bono butted in saying, “He’s a guitar player. I do the talking. I’m the singer. He’s going to tell you about the planning commission for his house. It’s going to get very complicated. I hope we don’t win any more awards. This is really amazing. It still is an extraordinary thing to behold, the sound of a rock’n’roll band in full flight. It’s a great thing. Oh, not just the sound of it, you know, not just the sound of it that gets airborne but just the deal that you make on the ground, the promise that your friendship will survive commerce, being broke, not being broke, some really lousy haircuts, the ’80s, and that may be 20 years later you might find yourself at an awards ceremony with the same people that you started out with and just think ‘Wow!’ Thank you so much.”

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