The Donnas Keep Their Pop-Metal Fast, Furious & Fun

Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe reviewed the Donnas gig at Paradise on Saturday night. Anderman said, “ have no interest in breaking new ground; their one desire is to embody an archetype. Armed with a picture-perfect mash of sneakers and sneers and pummeling pop-metal nuggets, their breakneck set packed 15 songs into 50 minutes. Donna C, head whipping and limbs flailing, looked as if she might shear her hair off with her drumsticks. Bassist Donna F scoured the bottom end with boundless bad attitude. Donna A sang about guys in the low, unaffected drawl of girls who don’t want to care. And Donna R, an ax-wielding goddess, swaggered and strutted not so much by design but by being buffeted in the wake of her own stiff riffs.” has since removed the article.

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