The Donnas Haven’t Sounded Like The Ramones For Awhile

frontwoman Brett Anderson tells Mary Dickie of the Toronto Eye that the group has been moving away from sounding pop-punk and more towards a classic-rock sound. “Really, we have been moving away from sounding like The for a long time. Our first album, when we were called The Electrocutes, was like speed metal, and if you hear that, this one makes more sense,” she said. “We were playing our own kind of super-fast crazy music. When we started The Donnas, that’s when we started playing songs that sounded like The Ramones. It’s not like we really wanted to sound like them, but when we played our earlier stuff, people were confused and they couldn’t sing along. So we kind of made it more simple, and that made our live shows more exciting, because people could relate more easily. So now we’re trying to make the songs still easy to relate to, but without being reliant on those chords.” has since removed the article.

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