The Donnas Get Help From The Outside On ‘Spend The Night’

Compared to the Donnas’ other albums, ‘Spend the Night’ had more outside involvement. Asked by Get Real Detroit if that put any pressure on the group, singer Brett ‘Donna A.’ Anderson responded, “Yeah, that was really weird because it’s kind of a private process, and you don’t necessarily want to talk about your creative ideas with everybody in the world. But it turned out to be like, oh right, they just want to know because they’re invested in it and you kind of understand where they’re coming from. Then, really the only problem is that it takes so much longer. They give you access to more money that you just end up paying back anyway, and you could do it in the same amount of time as your last album. But, people always think that now you have all this money and time in the studio and you’re sitting around and you don’t even have to work all the time and you have time to just relax. No, no, no. The extra time is all taken up trying to communicate with the label, to be like, “Here’s what we’re doing; we’re not crapping away your money.”

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