The Dillinger Escape Plan Update On Press Coverage

The checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Friday (January 4). The band writes:

Happy new year to everyone, hope your year rules, better than the last one, blah blah blah. Ok enough of that. Here’s some new things you might wanna be up on. Check that… you DEFINITELY wanna be up on… you NEED… to be up on. See how I did that? Jedi mind trick. Don’t fu** around.

There’s some new press stuff out there floating around for you to check out, pick up the new Metal Edge, Inked, and Outburn magazines for whatever is in those magazines. Stuff about us I presume, which should make suffering through all the articles about other bands that aren’t us worth it. I dunno, until we’re in XXL or The Source we haven’t really made it as far as I’m concerned.

Kerrang magazine (it’s a UK rag for everyone who doesn’t know) and Revolver magazine both gave us the Number 2 album of 2007, which is pretty awesome considering about 5 billion albums came out last year. Take that Kanye! Wait… they don’t cover Kanye in Revolver? Damn it! Well… take that Metallica! Wait, Metallica didn’t put out a record last year? Sh**!

The full blog post at has since been removed.

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