The Devastated ‘Devil’s Messenger’ Track Listing

The Devastated band

is preparing for the release of their “gross, grimy, groove” metal masterpiece ‘Devil’s Messenger’ on February 14th. In addition to announcing the track listing for the brutal 13-song album, The Devastated also revealed that Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker is a guest vocalist on the song ‘Spit Vitriol’ on Devil’s Messenger. Mitch Lucker had this to say about his guest appearance on the album:

Greg, the vocalist, has been a close friend for years. When he reached out to me for the part I was ecstatic! His band is amazing and I can’t wait for this record to drop. It’s the best shit I’ve heard in a long fucking time; super original and crushing from start to finish.

The Devastated ‘Devil’s Messenger’ track listing:
1. Drip. Drip.
2. Pseudo Smile Campaign
3. Swallowing Tumors
4. Failure To Thrive
5. Roof Top Panty Drop
6. Devil’s Messenger
7. Spit Vitriol
8. Zombies
9. Bloody Bag Drag
10. Tongue In Cheek
11. Caprice
12. Conductor
13. Hollowed

In support of the release, The Devastated will be on the “F**k All Your Friends Tour” with Dr. Acula and Design the Skyline.

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