The Datsuns Never Meant To Become Famous

guitarist Christian Datsun spoke with George Palathingal of the Sydney Morning Herald and admitted the sudden fame that has been thrust upon them wasn’t something the group was looking for. “We never played to be successful or famous,” Christian said. “We just kind of do it ’cause we like to play music. We played it for so long when it wasn’t considered cool, or we weren’t considered to be cool. It is, if we think about it, kind of strange to be a band for so long and then all of a sudden to be on the covers of magazines in other parts of the world. It is sort of a trip, I suppose. But rock’n’roll is always more glamorous and exciting from the outside than it is from the inside. The reality of it is I spend every day of my life in, kinda, dirty clubs. Y’know, where if you lean against the wall, like, your hands get dirty.” Read more.

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