The Darkness Are Changing The Rules

Hear/Say’s Jeff Niesel spoke with bassist Frankie Poullain for a Q&A and asked if the group is tired of being compared to Spinal Tap. “Comparisons? We’re not a spandex, hair metal band,” Poullain responded. “We happen to have curly hair. All rockers used to have long hair. It’s strange they have shaved heads now. I think the true part of Spinal Tap is in people who take themselves very seriously. I don’t want to name names because it’s a bit cruel to do that. I don’t want to get into any sparring matches with anyone. If you watch MTV, for example, about the making of a certain band’s video, you see a tyrant, overbearing egotistical lead singer shouting at the camera man and all that kind of stuff. If you see that kind of thing, you see Spinal Tap. It’s someone in a crap band releasing crap music and with crap sentiments on a massive ego trip. That’s Spinal Tap not us. We’re happy to embrace the ridiculousness of what people think is ridiculous. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, basically. We like to think we’re changing the rules.”

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