The Butterfly Effect Find Their Own Identity

drummer Ben Hall tells Time Off magazine that the band’s latest effort ‘Imago’ represents a great leap forward for the band in terms of finding their own identity as a band. “‘Imago’ is very different to our old stuff and certain members of the band were quite reluctant at first to change our style,” Hall said. “We used to be lumped with the nu-metal tag – although I’m not sure how appropriate that is – and there’s not a lot of metal on the new album, it’s pretty much just rock. I think you can compare it to growing up: when you’re young you say a lot of sh** and do a lot of sh** and you don’t really know anything about it. Music’s the same – when you come together as a young band it’s hard not to sound like anyone else because you probably came together over a common interest, which would be bands and styles of music, which for us was the and Faith No More and Incubus and that sort of stuff. But as you go on, you start to draw from different influences and different inspirations from outside what you used to listen to because you’re thinking more for yourself and as your own musician as well as your band and you can do some different stuff.” The article at has since been removed.

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