The Breeders Lucky To Work With ‘Freak’ Steve Albini

The Breeders have been lucky enough to again be spending all that time in the studio with the legendary producer Steve Albini. “He is a freak in such a good way,” guitarist Kelley Deal tells the Las Vegas Weekly. “He is worth writing a book about. He doesn’t drink. He rolls his own cigarettes. He is very European. He makes wonderful coffee drinks with cream, sprinkles, cinnamon and chocolates. On every pair of jeans he has there’s a hole, and it’s like his ass is falling out. His T-shirts are completely ripped up. But his shoes are $1,000 Italian shoes. He’s so smart, though, it’s scary. You ask him a question and it’s like he’s not listening to you, because he’s figuring out cold fusion just then.”

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