The Bravery’s ‘The Sun And The Moon Complete’ Explained

Sam Endicott of spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the group’s special release ‘The Sun And The Moon Complete’, featuring two versions of their latest album ‘The Sun And The Moon’, the original on one disc, and one produced solely by the band on the other. “It’s like the second half of the record, ‘The Moon’ side, whereas ‘The Sun’ side is how a normal band would do it, in a studio with a producer,” Endicott explained. “One album’s more rock and the other’s more electronic. ‘The Sun’ part, I liked it a lot because it is different, there are a lot of acoustic instruments and vocals and when I listen to it I feel like a real band. But then there’s ‘The Moon’ side which is more like fu** everything, we’re gonna do it our way.” The full story at has since been removed.

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