The Ataris Take It To The Next Level With Columbia

bassist/vocalist Mike Davenport caught up with Australia’s Beat magazine for a Q&A session and was asked what it meant to be signed to a record label now after making it independently. “I think that was just the next step for us,” he said. “We took the independent label thing as far as it could go. We did three full lengths, an EP and a split. All of them kicked arse – we went around, and I think we just took it as far as it could go. Like I said about how we make up the goals, after six years with the band, we thought – ‘ok, let’s see if we can take this to the next level; let’s see if MTV and the radio want to hear our music.’ Our music grows every year and with every record we make. The older we get the more mature our songwriting gets. It’s just one of those things where we’re taking each goal one by one. It means a lot – I’m glad we did it. Kris and I met with about ten major labels and I think that Columbia was the only one that saw eye to eye with what we wanted to do.”

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