The Almost’s Redmon Issues Open Letter To Silverchair

The Almost

Dusty Redmon of posted the following open letter to on Monday (July 30) at their blog at Myspace:

Dear Silverchair,

Hi. My name is Dusty and I play guitar for a band called The Almost. I was lucky enough to see you play last night in Philadelphia.

Your show was fantastic. The set was great. The sound was awesome. The between-song crowd interaction was humorous. I’ve been a fan for a really long time, and finally getting to see you last night was the culmination of years of anticipation.

Your flawless and exciting show puts a lot of pressure on me. You challenged me with your awesomeness. I now must put 500 percent into every show I ever play for the rest of my life.

Daniel Johns you are an attractive man. I feel that is ok for me to say that as I hear it every day from my wife.. kidding. Well, sort of.

Please take my band on tour all over the world. I’d love it. So would my wife. See previous comment for affirmation and reasoning.

Thank you for making me want to quit playing music (but in a good way).

Dusty Redmon
The Almost

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