The All-American Rejects ‘Someday’s Gone’ Video

The All-American Rejects 'Someday's Gone'

are out with the music video to their new single ‘Someday’s Gone’, the first release from the Stillwater, Oklahoma rock band’s fourth studio album, out Spring 2012 on Interscope Records. The All-American Rejects spoke about the process of creating the video explaining:

We wanted to give fans an early candy cane for the holidays and this song is the teeth of the record. The video directed by Jon Danovic was conceived in one day and shot the next day in one take. Hope it bites you and gives you a mark.

“The whole game has changed since we started. It’s funny, “Someday’s Gone” is just a teaser track (the single will be a song called ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’), but people burn through content so fast these days that you have to do things like a pre-single teaser song,” guitarist Mike Kennerty told Zoiks! Online. “And we even made a video for it! That would have been a silly concept when we first started out. But it’s the lay of the land now, and we’re honestly happy to abide.”

Watch the video via Vevo below.

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