Thanks And Merry Christmas From Mystery Jets

William Rees of checked in with fans on the British indie rock group’s blog at MySpace (@mysteryjets) on Thursday (December 25). Rees writes:

A little note to say thanks ever so much to all the people that made it to our gigs and made 2008 such a good year for us. We’ve seen so much of the world, met so many good people and got up to so much mischief and fun playing our songs to everyone. It’s hard to put everything into a sensical perspective, I’m sat at home right now trying to place it all in order in my head, and I’m frequently exclaiming out loud “fu** that actually happened” and thats all because so much HAS happened this year, but its been an incredible one, and full of excitement and intrigue. I’d like to say sorry on Blaine’s behalf for the festivals we had to cancel towards the end of the summer, as you may know Blaine had a few troubles with his health…. he is a lot better now, and is resting up on an island somewhere (not eel pie). My favorite moments this year have got to be Glastonbury, if you were there you’d know what I mean… the weather was glorious, the fields were teeming with the most colorful people I’ve ever seen, and our 40 minutes on the park stage were easily the best consecutive cluster of minutes I think I’ve had.

So, alas, any more, anything else……? Yes there’s lots else to talk of, mention, shout about, etc, but… I’d probably bore you and more importantly my mum and dad have started tucking into the Christmas pudding and i wouldn’t want to miss that.

Have a wonderful, merry Christmas where ever you lot are… and hopefully see you next year.

(did anyone get any decent presents? The best ones I got I bought for myself,
1. The new Kings of Leon album, half price in Morrisons.
2. A set of water colors… everyone needs a hobby.
3. A toothbrush. Long overdue, any one who was within spitting distance from me this year will agree. ((Kai calls me the “Black tooth” and suggests I get myself down to the auditions for the new Pirates of the Caribbean))

Lots of love, young, old and middle aged… AND album number three is simmering away, we got new songs to show.

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One thought on “Thanks And Merry Christmas From Mystery Jets

  1. Emma says:

    2 years later, this has made my Christmas.

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