Test Your Reflex Release Debut Album ‘The Burning Hour’

Test Your Reflex group

released their debut album ‘The Burning Hour’ on April 24th via RCA Records. The Thousand Oaks, California indie rock band features frontman Ryan Levine, guitarist Clark, bassist Agustin Sanchez, keyboardist Andrew Ampaya and drummer Sal Cortez.

“We wrote for two years before we went into the studio, and we were really inspired by records that sounded big,” Levine said. “We started out listening to a lot of danceable stuff, but we’d always go back to U2’s Joshua Tree and Peter Gabriel’s So – two albums that are just rock solid from beginning to end and that just go for it. Because of that, we didn’t shy away from big choruses or big production – we wanted every song to be a journey.”

‘The Burning Hour’ Track List:
1. I’m Not Sorry
2. Pieces of the Sun
3. Thinking of You
4. New Year
5. I Am Alive
6. Black Hearts
7. Do We Belong
8. I Won’t Follow
9. This Year (If We Fall in Love)
10. I Know You’re Lonely
11. Painted Red

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