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checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on May 29th, revealing that the band is no longer. The Thousand Oaks, California indie rock band, which featured frontman Ryan Levine, guitarist Clark, bassist Agustin Sanchez, keyboardist Andrew Ampaya and drummer Sal Cortez, will now be performing as No Country. They write:

Hello everyone,

Big news to share… we have started a new band!!!! This past year has been one of incredible change and growth for us, and the music has evolved into something that is no longer “Test Your Reflex”. We can’t begin to express our love and gratitude for those of you who have stayed by our side these past five years, it has been an incredible journey, and we’re confident that it is really just beginning. The truth is, we have never been more excited to make music, and to play music than we are right now. It has been your undying support and encouragement that have kept us going ’till now, and we are going to need it more than ever in this next chapter of our lives…

So… JOIN US in our new beginning, LISTEN, let us know what you think about the new songs, and PLEASE continue to give us the love and support which has breathed life into our music.

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