Tesseract Begin Work On ‘Eden’ Music Video

Tesseract band

While they have a break from the road, Tesseract have decided to begin work on a new music video for the track ‘Eden’, which appears on the band’s debut album ‘One’. In association with Escape Plan Productions, ‘Eden’ will feature the artistic vision of director Ganesh Rao and director of Photography Jonny Greenwald. In regards to their new music video, bassist Amos Williams commented:

We like to keep a close eye on what’s happening in the underground and the scene from which we were born. One day a jaw-dropping, stunning video appears on Got-Djent.com. I mean beautiful, cinematic, and emotive. Ganesh Rao created not only a great example of ‘djent’ with his entirely self created Empyrean project, but as director of the video, made something that has truly risen the bar for independent creators. Now, as it happened we were looking for a director to work with us for our upcoming video for ‘Eden’, so it was a no-brainer to approach Ganesh to try and make it happen. We’re very excited to see what we can create together. The hope is that it’s a piece of art, not a bullshit piece of marketing that does nothing but to self serve and ego boost the band. A lasting composition that can be enjoyed both visually and aurally. It won’t be MTV, but like all things Tesseract, it should be intense, emotive, and enthralling.

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