Ted Nugent Responds Following Racist Remarks

has responded to news that the Muskegon Summer Celebration has cancelled his gig after racial remarks on KRFX. He says on his official forum, “Let me tell you what’s going on here. People hate me because I’m so damn effective at getting across my pro-gun, pro-hunting and pro-American statements. Forever, liberal hippies in the media have manufactured all sorts of hateful misrepresentations about me and about what I say and stand for. They are helpless to take me on intellectually, one on one, so they extract convenient edited phrases out of context and put their own left spin on them. They should be ashamed of themselves. But they will not be, for one would need a soul or semblance of conscience to do so, and in this cultural war to demonize all that I am, they are hellbent to compromise the NRA Board of Director #1 progun voice ever and America’s #1 Bambi killer most effective prohunt voice ever. It is the height of agenda driven, overtly biased unprofessionalism. It’s pathetic.”

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