Ted Nugent: I’m Converting Anti-Gunners & Anti-Hunters

Digital Noise Network caught up with for a Q&A and asked the gun-toting, animal hunting rocker if he found it ironic that many people who criticize him are holding a hamburger in their hand at the same time. “There’s less and less than that,” Nugent said of his critics. “That hypocrisy is waning. It’s reduced substantially. There’s only a few people that are retarded enough, and that is the word that I wanna use. You must be intellectually and spiritually retarded to condemn certain consumerism as you’re partaking in the exact, same consumerism (laughs). It’s just. It’s Ozzy-like. It’s just bizarre behavior. It brings me great joy to bring it to their attention. At least society’s attention. We’ve caused many anti-gunners to join the NRA. We’ve caused many anti-hunters to become hunting families. It’s beautiful. We’ve caused many vegetarians to upgrade the quality of their sustenance by understanding the perfection of flesh protein. So I am changing the denial cult. I’m chipping away at it. It brings me great joy.”

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