Ted Nugent Fumes Over Green Day Snub

ContactMusic.com reports that was rejected by frontman Billy Joe Armstrong when the Republican rocker offered to collaborate with the ‘American Idiot’ trio. “Their social ignorance, their historical vacuity and their knee-jerk condemnation of American things and the Bush administration is nothing short of embarrassing,” Nugent fumed. But that doesn’t mean he’s written off the punk rockers. “I bought all their CDs… I would be more than happy to talk to them,” Nugent said.

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3 thoughts on “Ted Nugent Fumes Over Green Day Snub

  1. Brittany says:

    Ted is a pussy, he gets turned down by Billie Joe Armstrong and now he’s going to bash them over it? Go suck a dick Nugent, you suck anyway, and you my friend are an embarrassment.

  2. 16_66Alex says:

    wow, he is a hypocrite. and he still owns and listens to all of Green Day’s albums. what a piece of sh** Nugent is.

  3. Razor111 says:

    Another rockin roll republican mouthpiece who can talk but cant walk draft dodger . Reap what you sow uncle ted.

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