Ted Nugent Comments On California Recall Election

was a guest on ‘Scarborough Country’ on Tuesday (August 12) where guest host Steve Malzberg quizzed him about the upcoming California recall election of Governor Gray Davis, and his thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing him. Asked if he was disturbed about some of Schwarzenegger’s liberal beliefs, which include gun control and pro choice regarding abortion, Nugent said, “Well, the gun control issue, I think, is the tip of the spear. I just came back from Illinois. Where the laws, like California and in Massachusetts and in certainly a number of states with liberal control, is that retired heroes of law enforcement are not trusted to carry a gun, after they have served we the people all their lives, and put their lives on the line. I think the gun control laws in California have to be examined, so that good people are not disarmed. And I think Arnold-once again, he’s got to articulate those specifics. I would look at his gun control, his fiscal-policies. And certainly, he’s done great things for kids in this state. But that’s not the role of government. That should be private enterprise. And there should be an incentive. Those in the private sector should be encouraged to have programs for children. And have some type of tax break, if they help clean up the streets of that state. But that’s not the role of government. So, we’ve to-to be careful how Arnold applies some of his humanitarian efforts, and whether that’s the job of the government, or is the job of the citizens in the communities.”

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