Ted Nugent Chats With Steve And DC

phoned into the Steve and DC show on Wednesday (March 17). Nugent talked about the ongoing war and wanting to go to Iraq to perform for the troops, but hasn’t been able to get around the logistics. He has played for returning troops though. Nugent also weighed in on the “cultural war” and was blasting the ACLU, and how some in the USO don’t want him involved because of his outspokenness. He then proceeded to blast John Kerry to the conservative hosts callling him a punk and saying he had a new song for him called ‘Eat Me’. Nugent explained the origin of his right-wing politics when he saw media “attacking” gun rights related issues, and increased taxes. He says that he “gutted” Michael Moore in a debate on gun laws. As for Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion’, he calls him a hero, though he hasn’t seen the movie. Nugent joked about winning ‘Black Entertainer of the Year’ and debated how to wear his afro. Then he discussed the chainsaw incident which has left a big “purple grin” on his left knee. Audio at steveanddc.com has since been removed.

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