Taylor Momsen Twitter Interview

The Pretty Reckless 'Light Me Up'

Taylor Momsen did an interview on Twitter with Wonderwall MSN on Monday (January 31), where singer talked about the band’s debut album ‘Light Me Up’, the first album she purchased, if she’ll do a movie in the future, makeup tips and more. Check out the transcript below.

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Hey Taylor! Ready for this #twitterview?

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN ready

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Sweet! So the album comes out on Feb. 8! Congrats! What are your plans for release day? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN I barely know my plans for tomorrow! I know we’ll be in L.A….

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Haha! If we could only listen to one song on “Light Me Up,” which do you think represents the album as a whole? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN I don’t know…they’re all so different, but MMWD was the first song written for the record, so maybe that

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Here’s a Q from @FearlessRiOT (we got TONS of fan Qs): What was the 1st album you ever bought with you own money? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN magical mystery tour, because it had strawberry

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Nice one. And here’s a Q from @avrilsparamore: What’s your favorite song to play live? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN probably ‘since you’re gone’

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Cool. @duruonver asks: Could you describe yourself in 3 words? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN probably ‘since you’re gone’

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Haha, true. Well, what do you think is the biggest misconception people have about you? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN I don’t know people’s conceptions of me…I do know what the press says is usually misleading, I think my fans see thru that

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen You do have very loyal, kickass fans! @GeorgeNYC_ asked: Your style is very unique. Would you ever do your own fashion line?

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN I’d love to have my own line someday, when I get the time…

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen You ARE quite busy. Any thoughts to doing a movie, perhaps one where you sing, like @ItsMeLeighton in “Country Strong”?

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN Not at the moment but who knows what the future holds, it’s all touring now

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Looking forward to that! Another fan Q: @Vicccky_ asked: Any makeup tips? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN do whatever you want with it, have fun…just remember to wash it off before you go to sleep

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Good tip! Last Q! Can you tweet us a pic of yourself right now? #twitterview

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN I can’t take a pic cause I’m on an iPad…but here’s petal having a great hair day!

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be coming through…

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN http://yfrog.com/h859462653j

Wonderwall: @taylormomsen LOL, amazing! Thanks so much for tweeting with us, Taylor. And good luck with the album!

Taylor: @WonderwallMSN thanks! You can pre-order the album tomorrow on iTunes and we kick off our U.S. Tour Feb. 11th at the El Ray In L.A.!

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