Taylor Momsen Explains Why She Fired Her Stylist To Go DIY

Want to know how Taylor Momsen gets her look? front girl sat down with MTV.com to talk about her fashion philosophy and beauty routine. “My music reflects my style because my music reflects me and so does my music. I don’t think being in a band has allowed me to be more free, I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free,” the 16-year-old explained. “I now dress myself, and told everyone who was telling me to look a certain way and fit a certain mold for the niche that I was being put in, and I said fu** that. … I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I am, and fitting into the world that can make you popular or something. I was never the popular chick so I don’t even know what that means. … Just making that mental decision that I’m going to be myself and if people hate it they can hate it but at least I’m happy with how I’m walking down the street.”

Watch her comments below and watch the rest of the videos at MTV.com.

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