Tarja Turunen Avoids Repeating Past Sounds On Solo Debut

Soundshock.net caught up with former singer for a Q&A, where she talked about providing fans a different sound than her past on the solo album ‘My Winter Storn’. “I didn’t want to repeat something that I had done before; it’s quite a different album, and it could have been easy for me to repeat things from the past,” she said. “I definitely took some elements from the past of course, but I wanted to make an album that really presents me as a person.”

Asked whether that change made her wonder if she might be alienating Nightwish fans, Turunen said, “Of course it’s going to be something new for many fans because it’s not a heavy metal album, so in a way it was a brave step to take but I was never really thinking about that in the process of making the album as it was the passion that drove me, not thinking about what kind of album I should be making in order to please the people. I think that when I am making music, if I can be really happy with it and get my message across, then that is the most important thing.”

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