Tarja Gives Her Side On Tuomas’ Complaints

spoke with fan site Tarja Turunen Fan and asked the singer about ’s Tuomas Holopainen, who said she always wanted to travel alone, never participated to interviews, or common meals, and that she said she didn’t need Nightwish anymore for her career. “Well, when the band started having more and more succes, even from the ‘Wishmaster’ time, and now with ‘Once’, there was alot of pressure in the band, on all the members and I said, ‘If we have a lot of succes, and things are going well, let’s fly with the plane,'” she explained. “But the boys still wanted to go by bus, and for me as a singer, this was really making me sick. If there was someone smoking in the bus, or partying, I could never get to sleep well. And even the air conditioner, if I traveled for two days, in the morning I woke up like a zombie. (laughs) and that was when I said, ‘OK, now we have a chance to fly, let’s travel by plane,’ but the boys didn’t always want this, so I respected their choices. But as a singer, I had to take care of my voice, and this is why I wanted to travel by plane. And about the diva thing… I will let the people say how I am, because people know me, and they can tell if this is true or not. All I requested for a concert, for example, was some water, a mirror to do my makeup, some tea for after the show, an iron table and an iron, because I always ironed my clothes alone. And I needed a changing booth, to change my clothes, because it was part of my image, and people came to concerts and said ‘Let’s see what Tarja wears,’ and so on. … And many many times these things were not there, and Marcelo [husband] was there to help me with this. After the concerts it is not good for a singer to speak, and I really needed rest. I was really tired and needed to keep quite.This is why I didn’t go to parties and needed rest.”

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