Taproot Singer Explains Songwriting Process

Jason Clancy of Get Real Detroit spoke with frontman Stephen Richards who talked about his writing process. “Lyrically, I just write down journal entries and stuff, day-to-day things,” Richards explained. “Not necessarily, ‘Yeah, I woke up and went to the store and fell’ — it’s not like that. Obviously, right now with a lot of things going on in the world, like the potential for war and lots of stuff like that, it’s unfortunately a good time to vent feelings and try to think about things. I don’t like to just say, ‘Bad, bad, bad, bad, fu**, bad.’ I like to think about things that could be bad or have happened to me that have been bad, or things that I see on TV or things that affect me personally, and then see if there’s any way to turn it around and get something good out of it. That’s the way that I write.” Getrealdetroit.com has since removed the article.

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