Taproot Explain Infamous Fred Durst Call

Launch.com executive editor Dave DiMartino recently met up with ’s Philip Lipscomb and Jarrod Montague about their notorious phone call from frontman Fred Durst. Philip explained, “We kept making demos, sending them to him, and he’d tell us how great it’s going to be when it happened, it just never happened. And so at first that was all we had, but we started to get a bigger buzz on the Internet and then other labels started hearing about us, so they started calling us, and we got the opportunity to showcase for Rick Rubin… We play a great set for Rick Rubin, who loved it, and when we came back, there’s a notorious message from Fred Durst on Steve’s machine basically telling us to piss off and to never associate ourselves with Limp Bizkit again, just because we showcased. We didn’t even sign with anybody yet, we were just showcasing around, looking at our different options, and Fred got really pissed about it.”

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