Tankian Frustrated Over Failed Efforts To Recognize Armenian Genocide

Serj Tankian

Having always been passionate about the subject, of System of a Down voiced his frustration about Turkey’s continued denial of the widespread ethic cleansing and massacres that occurred under the final days of the Ottoman Empire, and the country’s threatening posture which prompted the U.S. Congress to back down on officially recognizing the Armenian genocide in a non-binding resolution last month. “It’s absolutely frustrating to see an injustice that’s denied,” Tankian tells Time Off magazine. As for those who say it’s not worth jeopardizing relations with an ally, the singer and activist insists there’s a larger moral issue here. “Historically, it’s relevant. You have the Holocaust and Germany and even though you can never pay for such a horrendous act, but at least you don’t deny it. It’s a shame for everyone because the truth eventually comes out and to be on the wrong side of the truth is just to be a hypocrite ultimately.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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