Talkback Live Discusses Pete Townshend

Parry Aftab of and Blender Editor in Chief Andy Pemberton were on CNN’s Talkback Live on Monday to discuss the child porn scandal surrounding guitarist Pete Townshend. “Well, first of all, I certainly hope that’s true,” Pemberton commented. “I certainly hope that’s the case. But, obviously, the news that we heard that he’s been arrested in the music industry, particularly, we were totally shocked. Somebody like Mick Jagger said, I think, this is the last sort of person you’d assume to be arrested for this. The thing about Pete Townshend is, he’s a very, very clever man. He’s a very intelligent man. He’s enormously gifted. And this sort of shadow of incest has sort of raised its head in this song, particularly, on ‘Tommy.’ And also, in on his own Web site, I think, a year ago, he wrote sort of briefly and a little obliquely about the issue of child abuse. So, it has cropped up in his work. It’s very possible that he was abused as a child. But, obviously, I couldn’t say for sure.” Read more.

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