Taking Back Sunday Console Fans Regarding Fred Mascherino’s Departure

Taking Back Sunday

checked in with fans with a bulletin to their Myspace friends on Thursday (October 4) after announcing that guitarist Fred Mascherino was leaving the band to pursue a solo career:

There’s No Crying in Rock and Roll

Look, we understand that this is going to be upsetting news to some of you. We just wanted you to know, the posts that are saying that its sad news but there is still new music coming are echoing how we are feeling. This shouldn’t be the worst day in anyone’s life! It just means more music. We understand that you will miss Fred in Taking Back Sunday but Fred is still going to be making music for you guys.

Yes the next album will be a bit different but each one of our albums are a bit different. It is still going to be a Taking Back Sunday record. New songs, plenty of guitar, plenty of vocals!

Okay, enough from us. We appreciate and understand that this is emotional news. We think PJ put it best, “one door closes and another opens.”

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