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Hollywood, CA September 8th 2006 – is a four-piece rock music group originating from Vacaville, California. They broke through in to the mainstream with their three times platinum major-label debut album Infest. The group’s success continued with later releases lovehatetragedy and Getting Away With Murder. The group’s fourth major album is titled The Paramour Sessions, Instores now.

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TagWorld’s Director of Music, Patricia Dao met up with lead singer Jacoby Shaddix and bassist Tobin Esperance at the Bel Age Hotel in Hollywood, CA and spent the day with them talking about the band, their rise to fame, recording the Paramour Sessions, the internet, and advice to unsigned bands trying to make it

Patricia/TagWorld: I know you all you guys are from a small town in Northern California. How did all of you end up meeting?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: We met back when we were in high school. Three of us went to the same high school. Me, Tobin and Dave our drummer went to the same school and Jerry our guitar player went to a high school across town. It was pretty much a small suburban neighborhood. Town call Vacaville, real boring town. Music was our salvation. In a city of street malls, there’s not a lot of culture. Our sense
of culture for us was our music. This community we were evolving – with our music. It was definitely an escape for us and we started playing shows punk rock style, teen center, doing backyard keg parties, garage parties.

Tobin/Papa Roach: ….doing bars were we had to hangout outside before we went on because we were to young. It was pretty funny.

Jacoby/Papa Roach: It was just for fun in the beginning. Then it started taking a life of its own. We started getting a fan base. We thought, we need to record a demo. So we recorded a two song demo and started selling them at school, true diy style. Our fan base started growing even more, started doing a lot of shows, started traveling more, recorded two more ep’s and stared coming to Hollwood and played at the Troubadour. The buzz down here started growing in L.A and in that period we released a cassette tape, 2 eps and a full length and sold 10,000 copies on our own. That was a pretty cool achievement. We were selling out 700 seat clubs as an independent band, sending our music out to independent labels and major labels. Independents were like, you don’t have the Indie sound and majors were like well you’re not major enough. Well f all ya’ll we’re going do our own things and do what we love. And eventually the tides turned in our direction. We got signed, pretty much every record label passed on us, and we finally got signed to DreamWorks Records were we released Last Resort. It blew up sold 6 million records world wide. It was like a 7 year overnight success.

Patricia: Was this a shock to the band?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: O please believe, we came out and thought we’re going to try and sell 500,000 copies, get in the van, tour around the U.S and build that grassroots, like we have been in the beginning , but it’s like that song {Last Resort } got just so freaking huge. It was bigger then us and our expectations. It just took us to a sky rocket ride to the top. It was pretty wild. In the chaos of all this we were just 4 young kids from a small town. Don’t know right from left… up from down. We just got thrown in this whirlwind of success. We just got lost in it. It was a great time.

Patricia: Was it different for you when you went back home to Vacaville. I mean at this point you were almost a different band from when you left.

Jacoby/Papa Roach: Oh yes. We left coming down in a van. We came back flying in Jets, riding in limos, staying in penthouses and going crazy, All that, the champagne and cocaine, the whole 9. It was definitely a fun right. After that we were just out of our minds, we just got lost in the excess of living the rock and roll lifestyle. .. But what comes with that is a definitely downfall. Me personally I just got lost in my madness. We then went a recorded Love hate tragedy. In the in the industries eyes it was a failure, but it really wasn’t, we sold 700,000 records, I mean not that many bands go gold out there, but compared to doing 3 million in the united states, .oh well, whatever, I’m not even trippin, We shook the tag of being a new metal band.

Patricia: The Paramour Sessions is your newest record. What was it like recording this record?

Tobin/Papa Roach: Paramour Sessions is a dream that we’ve always had. We’ve always wanted to go to a crazy wild exotic mansion and write a rock and roll record, because our favorite bands growing up were doing it. Aerosmith with Toys in the Attic or , they did it at the Houdini Mansion . We wanted to re-create that on our own and see how that would manifest for us. We went to discover who we were as musicians. We found that we ended up with something completely different. We were set out to write this sleazy board to the floor rock and roll record and there are some songs that adhere to that ethic and idea, but when we got into the jam sessions nobody was watching us nobody was listening so everything goes. We had amazing jam sessions, some lasted 6 to 7 hours for us that was killer we were able to collaborate truly and just living in the house 24/7 effected it.

Jacoby/Papa Roach: Just to be able to be in there 24/7 and be inspired by the surreal environment we were in a cathedral room with high ceilings it made us play a different way, more open and dynamic. In the process we recognized what our strengths and weaknesses were and incorporated that in our song writing we just had fun too we just woke up and played music that might not have been in the record we just jammed to jam. We just started jamming, sometimes it was about bringing in a riff that Tobin had on pro tools or just a jam that just came out from us right there, spontaneous there is elements of all types of song writing on this album. Another thing we wanted was to hit big dynamics so there are really settle quite parts that still have an intensity about it and finding that dynamic is huge for us and kicks open other doors. This record is not a one dimensional album it has so many facets to it I don’t believe one song it has represents the whole album. I think each one is a piece to this puzzle and we want to take our listeners on this wild ride and its definitely a wild ride….

Patricia: What’s the history of the Paramour House

Jacoby/Papa Roach: The history of the house the paramour it was owned by Daisy Fountaine in the 1920’s (points out to the Hollywood hills) You see were the trees poke out there down in the basin of Los Angeles that’s were the house is it’s on the highest point so you can see downtown L.A. and all the way to the ocean and the Hollywood side and it has this crazy view its 4.5 acres and was built in the 1920’s built on a meridian line, so there’s definitely a vortex of crazy energy up there. And so Daisy is buried on the property and she is actually haunts the property. The owner of the mansion told us, I just have to warn you that this property is haunted by a ghost .. and there’s definitely. some spirits here and we’re like, “that’s fine”.

Patricia: Did you experience any haunting?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: The only thing I had was; every time I walked to the kitchen which was down stairs in the service quarters I always felt like someone was walking behind me like there was a presence behind me, I mean It wasn’t creepy but I definitely felt that someone was there It was owned by Daisy then it was sold to a catholic church, then school for girls, then was sold this lady named Dana who turned it into this sanctuary for musicians to go a record records, for some television , music videos.

Tobin/Papa Roach: Actually when we were making the record, different bands were there recording at the same time. There were guest houses all over, The Mars Volta was there, which was pretty cool.

Patricia: Did you guys every hang out all together on your down time?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: You know those guys were definitely recluse. I think we scared them. I saw them twice, you know everyone there was there to just make music more then socialize.

Patricia: We have thousands of unsigned and independent bands on Tag World. What advice can you give them?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: Just keep writing songs, keep playing shows, keep the relationship with your fans and be true to yourself and have fun, work hard, nothing will be handed to you. You could get lucky but that will only last you for so long.

Patricia: How as the internet helped with the success of Papa Roach?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: It’s growing so much, when we first came out the internet was this new way to promote you band. We can from the era of street teams when people used to hand out cassettes and CD’s.

Tobin/Papa Roach: Oh yeah Cassettes!

Jacoby/Papa Roach: That’s old school! We are dating ourselves!

Tobin/Papa Roach: Its evolved over the last few years, now there are bands that are getting signed and they have never even played a show which is strange to me. What if they suck live? I guess that’s the risk you run. The internet has definitely grown and is great tool for us in this point in our career to help reach out to the kids and it’s a full circle because in the 70’s when people were like talking about bands by word of mouth, now they are on computers spreading the word through their fingers. It’s just a different medium kids are finding what they like on their own again rather then things being shoved down their throat. I’ve even found new bands on the internet and I’ve met people and heard funny stories and seen videos where I can watch a girl from Indiana just shakin her ass and now she’s just as famous as us. Just because she’s got a nice booty.

Patricia: Do you use the internet to reach out to your fans?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: Honestly the internet is not truly my medium. I’ll go on and answer a few fan questions though, so we try to stay in touch. But the best thing is after a show, saying what’s up to those kids that stick around. I like person to person internet is a great tool, but if you spend to much time on it you become social retarded. You may be a macho stud on the internet then you go out in the real world but you don’ know how to talk to a girl. So go experience, human to human contact is a beautiful thing.

Patricia: Any last things you would want Tag World fans to know?

Jacoby/Papa Roach: I love rock and roll and that’s all it comes down to and I love my life and my music and love what I do and love the ups and down to what this career brings me, so I can’t complain.

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