Billy Corgan Pulls Plug On Zwan

Billboard reports Zwan has broken up amid poor sales and personnel problems. Frontman Billy Corgan broke the news Monday to Chicago radio station WGN. “A couple of people asked me, ‘Why didn’t you tell anybody?’ I’m sort of out of the period of my life when I run around trying to generate news,” Corgan said.

Zwan Cancel Tour Dates

Radio 1 reports Zwan have cancelled all of their remaining tour dates for family reasons. The band were due to play Glastonbury, Witnness and T In The Park, as well as headline gigs in London and Manchester.

Zwan Packs In A Crowd, But Lacks A Knockout Punch

Anders Smith Lindall of the Chicago Sun-Times reviewed the Zwan concert at a sold-out Aragon on Tuesday (May 6). Lindall said, “Zwan passed the test, if not with flying colors–which is appropriate, considering the mixed marks earned by its other early efforts. Album sales and airplay have been strong, not overwhelming; the disc itself is solid and satisfying though hardly a classic; the band’s shows have been electrifying in fits and starts, but rarely transcendent. This gig was no exception.” has since removed the article.

Zwan Song

Corey duBrowa of the Seattle Weekly wonders if grunge really is back with Zwan. He writes, “After listening to former Smashing Pumpkins svengali Billy Corgan’s latest project, Zwan, one can be forgiven for thinking that the Grunge Years never really ended in the first place. That distinctive Queen-meets-Black- Sabbath mash-up pioneered by the Pumpkins and Mother Love Bone well over a decade ago is splattered liberally about the group’s debut disc like an errant can of Day-Glo paint, elevating otherwise straightforward pop compositions like the album’s first single, ‘Honestly,’ straight into the heavens. Which, as it turns out, has been the Tall Uncool One’s desired destination all along.” Read more.

Former Pumpkins Singer Lightens Up With Zwan

Hector Florin of the Miami Herald reviewed Zwan’s 90-minute show at Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Wednesday night. He writes, “The nicest moment came just four songs into the set when Zwan launched into The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down. It nicely served [frontman Billy Corgan’s] new vista on songwriting and his personal life, which he wears proudly on his sleeve. All you need is love, right?” has since removed the article.

Billy Corgan Carves A Brighter Smile With Zwan

Glenn Gamboa of Newsday reviewed the Zwan show at Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday night. Gamboa writes, “Zwan dispatched its hits early, as the pure pop sweetness of ‘Honestly,’ a rare, straightforward love song from Corgan, took on a blissed-out, SoCal rock feel thanks to some extended solos, and the current single ‘Lyric’ picked up some urgency to go with its tightly wound anthemic chorus. That’s always a sure sign that a band believes it has a solid show and Zwan certainly backed up that belief.” has since removed the article.

Zwan Doesn’t Live Up To CD In Live Performance

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News reviewed the Zwan show at Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday. Farber writes, “While Zwan’s CD bursts with the most focused, catchy, and brisk music of Corgan’s career, their show proved more meandering, undifferentiated, and slack.” He added, “An extra appeal to Zwan’s CD is its inspiring lyrical viewpoint, which treats even elusive love as enlivening. But the show couldn’t maintain the emotional thread, stretching into too many unfocused solos or murmured vocals.” Read more.

Zwan Grins And Tears It Up

Zwan performed at the Orpheum in Boston on Thursday night, and Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald was there. She writes, “Though skepticism generally greets new endeavors by musicians who previously were beloved, Corgan and his musically inventive partners in Zwan have been embraced by radio, critics and a sizable group of fans.” Rodman added, “Vocally, [Billy Corgan] favored his lazy murmur over his nasal shriek for the lion’s share of tunes. Songs such as the surging ‘Honestly,’ the easygoing ‘Yeah!’ and the tremulous, yearning ballad ‘Desire’ benefited from this kindler, gentler approach.” has since removed the article.

Zwan Makes Rock Fun Again

Gemma Tarlach of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was on hand at the The Eagles Ballroom on Friday night where Zwan performed. Tarlach writes, “Zwan’s music is a celebration: deliriously catchy pop choruses (just try not to get caught in the giddy momentum of ‘Lyric’ or ‘Settle Down’), muscular guitars and unabashed optimism – even the songs about broken hearts and loss soar with a cathartic melancholy.” Tarlach added, “These days, [frontman Billy Corgan] seems to be enjoying himself, especially playing with his new band mates, drawn from the hipper-than-you circle of indie rock.”

The entire review at has since been removed.