Weezer ‘Hang On’ Video

Weezer 'Hang On'
Weezer Webisode 49 features the band performing their ‘Hurley’ track ‘Hang On’ (Poquito mas Bokkus Edit). Watch it via YouTube below.

Weezer ‘Surf Wax America’ Live Video

Weezer 'Surf Wax America' live
Weezer’s latest webisode ‘Memories Of Surfing’ features the band performing ‘Surf Wax America’ in concert. The song is off the band’s self-titled debut “blue” album. Watch via YouTube below.

Weezer ‘Memories’ Video Behind The Scenes

Weezer 'Memories' video behind the scenes
Weezer posted some behind the scenes footage from their ‘Memories’ music video shoot, featuring the Jackass guys at the Pink Motel and skateboarding in an empty pool. Watch it via YouTube below.

Weezer ‘Memories’ Video

Weezer 'Memories' music video
Weezer are out with the music video to their new single ‘Memories’, off the Los Angeles alternative rock band’s eighth studio album ‘Hurley’, in stores now on Epitaph Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Weezer Backstage At Leeds Festival 2010

NME did an interview with Rivers Cuomo and Pat Wilson of Weezer backstage at Leeds festival 2010 after their show. They talked about highlights of the gig, how Rivers has to plead with women not to remove their tops because he’s married, having a generation of geezers in the audience, wanting to give fans what they want when putting together their setlist, how their new album ‘Hurley’ really isn’t named for the clothing company but a ‘Lost’ character, feeling more secure now than at the beginning of their career. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Weezer ‘I’m Your Daddy’ Video

Weezer are out with the video to their new single ‘I’m Your Daddy’, off the American alternative rock band’s seventh studio album ‘Raditude’, out now on Interscope Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Weezer Perform ‘Say It Ain’t So’ With Hayley Williams

On Wednesday (January 20), Weezer performed live for the first time since frontman Rivers Cuomo was sidenlined in a bus accident in December. During the band’s show at Florida State University in Tallahassee, they were joined by Paramore singer Hayley Williams in a performance of the Weezer hit ‘Say It Ain’t So’, from the band’s self-titled 1994 debut. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hayley told her Twitter followers (@yelyahwilliams) afterward:

Rocked out with my ….. Brown striped socks out. That show was ridiculous. Won’t ever forget the 1st time I sang in 2010 was with Weezer.

Weezer Snuggie Infomercial

Weezer 'Raditude'

Weezer are teaming up with Snuggie to offer the popular reverse robe in a new infomercial. For $30, you get a Snuggie with Weezer printed on the front, as well as the band’s new album ‘Raditude’. Watch the video below the cut and purchase the special offer at Weezer.com. (more…)