We The Kings ‘Say You Like Me’ Video

We The Kings 'Say You Like Me'

We The Kings are out with the music video to their new single ‘Say You Like Me’, off the Bradenton, Florida pop punk band’s third studio album ‘Sunshine State of Mind’, out now on S-Curve Records.

“We’ve grown up in the world of gaming,” singer Travis Clark told Billboard.com. “It’s one of those ideas that you think, right off the bat, ‘It’s going to be impossible.’ We ended up making this music video that honestly believe might change the music video world forever.”

Watch the Alon Benari directed video via YouTube below.

Travis Clark Talks About His Romeo Moment

Alloy TV’s gURL Talk featured a sit down with We The Kings, where they asked what they look for in a girl and in reference to their song ‘Check Yes, Juliet’ if they’d ever had a Romeo moment. “My one Romeo moment that probably helped create that song was I had this girlfriend in high school and her dad was I’m pretty sure part of the mafia because every time I was visiting, I always thought that if I looked at her the wrong way or tried to grab her hand, or hug her or kiss her or anything like that, that he would literally rip my face off and run it over with his Buick,” Travis Clark explained in regards to the second question. “So what I would have to do is, we got to the point in the relationship that now we were you know, but it was never anywhere within a radius of her dad. We had to drive to another city. So what I would do is I would wait for her parents to go to sleep, and I would go knock on her window and I’d sneak her out and we’d run down to the beach, and we’d hook up all night long. Then just before her parents woke up, I’d sneak her back in and dust the sand off and everything.” Watch the videos via YouTube below.

Travis Clark Prepares For Team Choice Award

Travis Clark of We The Kings prepared himself for the ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ nomination at the “Team Choice Award”, not realizing it was actually the Teen Choice Award. After eleven hours of practicing, Travis got the call to clear up the confusion.
Vote for We’ll Be A Dream ft. Demi Lovato for Music Hook Up at the Teen Choice Award

Travis Clark’s Misplaced Drinks Irritate Danny Duncan

We The Kings latest episode of ‘The King’s Carriage: The Cup’ features Danny Duncan explaining one of Travis Clark’s bad habits while on tour. “I’m getting really annoyed with Travis and how he leaves his drinks everywhere in the most random places,” Danny complained. Travis fired back, “Sometimes I’m a little bit forgetful, sorry. I don’t even know why we’re talking about this. It’s so dumb.” Watch the video via the band’s YouTube channel below.

We The Kings ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ Live On Q92 In Canton

Q92 presented We The Kings at the Pub in Canton, Ohio on Thursday (April 29). The video below features audio from the band’s acoustic performance of their new single ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ with pictures of all the station’s contest winners who attended the intimate live set. “I’d like to dedicate it to everybody because you guys made our dream come true,” frontman Travis Clark said. “We couldn’t have done this without you.”

Travis Clark Discusses We The Kings’ Latest Album ‘Smile Kid’

Simon Young of Kerrang! invited We The Kings frontman Travis Clark into the magazine’s headquarters for a chat. Travis discussed recording the new album ‘Smile Kid’ in Santa Monica, getting more time in the process this time around, living a pretty embarrassing life and including it in the CD, and any tour pranks they have planned for You Me At Six. “I always talk about how as a band we have a ton of embarrassing moments that are stuff we don’t even mind talking about,” he said. “They’re just kind of weird, but the record is really just us at a completely naked moment. There’s nothing that we’re hiding or anything like that.” Watch it via YouTube below.

We The Kings & Demi Lovato ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ Now On iTunes

We The Kings frontman Travis Clark and guitarist Hunter Thomsen checked in on the rock band’s YouTube channel, talking about their new single ‘We’ll Be A Dream’, which features Demi Lovato. The back half of the clip features We The Kings and Demi performing the song live. Watch it via YouTube below.

We The Kings ‘Heaven Can Wait’ Video Commentary

Get the inside scoop on the ‘Heaven Can Wait’ video shoot from We The Kings themselves as they pay homage to ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ in a video at their YouTube channel. The song is off the pop punk band’s second album ‘Smile Kid’.

We The Kings ‘Heaven Can Wait’ Video

We The Kings 'Heaven Can Wait' music video
We The Kings are out with the video to their new single ‘Heaven Can Wait’, off the Bradenton, Florida pop punk group’s second studio album ‘Smile, Kid’, out November 17th via S Curve Records. Watch it via YouTube below.