Warrant ‘Life’s A Song’ Video

Warrant 'Life's A Song' music video
Warrant are out with the music video to their new single ‘Life’s A Song’, off the American glam rock band’s eighth studio album ‘Rockaholic’, out now on Frontiers Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Warrant’s Turner Discusses Jani Lane’s Departure

Glam-Metal.com caught up with Warrant guitarist Erik Turner and asked if there is any truth to the rumors that vocalist Jani Lane left the band because Erik and bassist Jerry Dixon were so persistent about getting original guitarist Joey Allen back into the group. “No, there’s no truth to that,” Erik replied. “What happened between Jani, Jerry and me was basically Jani was always making comments from day one in this band, like Warrant is just a stepping stone for my solo career. And he’s always talking about his solo thing and he’s going out doing solo shows. I think that he’s half-heartily been into Warrant for a while. But, you would have to ask him. I just know that every time something goes wrong he’s quick to say that he would just take the year off and work on his solo project. So, he’s been talking about it for a long time, so good luck to him. We spent 17 years together, we had a lot of good times, a few bad times. I’m sure one day we will look back and hopefully everyone will think that this was for the best.”

The interview at glam-metal.com has since been removed.

Jani Lane Departs Warrant, Group Vows To Carry On

Jani Lane has officially left Warrant to pursue a solo career. “This comes to us as no surprise,” stated Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon in an official press release. “We always figured someday he would want to go after a solo career and today is that day.” The remaining members of the band will continue to compose, play and tour under the name Warrant. “We wish [Jani] the very best in all aspects of his life,” said guitarist Erik Turner. “The band is very excited about new possibilities and some fresh blood. Maybe even a new record. We have always wanted to get back to what got us here in the first place. That includes putting the moves back on stage, playing the old songs people beg us to play and putting some much needed TLC back into the band. We are now looking for a new party-host, we want someone that can enhance what Warrant already is, not change it. Again we wish Jani Lane all the best and look forward with much excitement of a new and improved Warrant in 2004.”

Joey Allen Recalls Warrant Days

Metal-Sludge.com caught up with former Warrant guitarist Joey Allen for another round of 20 questions, including his thoughts on the group’s frontman, Jani Lane. He says, “Super talented songwriter lost in a bottle(s)!!! Someone needs to throw him a life preserver!” Allen has been working as a database admin for a manufacturing company, but has recently started jamming again. Read more.

Bandmate Clears The Air On Jani Lane Being A Cook

Metal-Sludge.com did a 20 questions with Warrant guitarist Billy Morris, who cleared the air on the group’s frontman Jani Lane working as a cook. “I would like to use this case in point to make a statement on the whole kitchen fiasco at the Hi-Fi Club. Number 1, and in bold letters, JANI LANE NEVER WAS A COOK AT THE HI-FI,” he insisted. “Uh, last year, when I got off the road with Poison, I took all the money that I made and me and my two partners bought this club in Lakewood called the Hi-Fi Club. It had a kitchen in it. And you know, whenever I’m hanging out at Jani’s house, or we go out, you know, we always talk food. We like to cook. He’s a great cook. And I asked Jani, I said, ‘you know, would you help me? Would you come down and get this kitchen up to code?’ Because in his youth he’s worked in kitchens before. He’s like, ‘sure, I’ve got nothing to do and I like to cook.’ So he comes down, and me and him, mainly him, cleans the whole place up, helps me get a menu going. Taught me some of his own techniques on how to cook stuff. And then, you know, the grand opening and he happens to be there, he’s in the kitchen, and some FU**….takes a….I saw the guy do it, takes a pocket camera and reaches over and snaps a picture of Jani cooking. You know, they announce that on MTV that he’s a chef in Cleveland. So he’s not and never was, and I repeat this, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, was employed as a cook at the Hi-Fi. He helped me out and it turned around and back fired because of all the flak he took for it. Which indirectly went to me and I feel really bad about it. Anybody who thinks Jani is a cook….is way wrong.” Check out the entire interview here.

The Good And Bad Of Warrant Losing Commercial Appeal

Warrant bass player Jerry Dixon talked with Matt Johnson of the El Paso Times about the early ’90s grunge invasion that had their record label turn their backs on the multi-platinum selling act. “It was kind of like, thanks for selling 6 million records guys, but we’ll see you later,” he said. But it’s not all bad. “We’re not held hostage by MTV or a major record label anymore,” he said. “We have the satisfaction of controlling ourselves. It would be nice to have the money from back then, but you can’t have everything.” Elpasoentertainment.com has since removed the article.

Warrant’s Jani Lane Clarifies Cook Job

Metal-Sludge.com caught up with Warrant singer Jani Lane as he addressed all the talk about him running the kitchen at Billy Morris’ new club. Jani said, “Well, yes, Billy’s got 2 clubs, and I opened the restaurant in one of the clubs. Obviously I don’t sit there and cook. But I opened it and alot of the entrees are my own recipes.” As for the band, Jani said they were finished writing and would begin recording a new album this month. Check out the full interview and photos here.

Rocker Turned Cook Jani Lane Photographed

Metal-Sludge.com got a surprise photo of ex-Warrant singer Jani Lane leaving the kitchen of the High-Fi Club in Lakewood Ohio where he cooked the guys snapping him an order of chicken quesadillas. Laura says, “So he whipped them up in 15 minutes and they were actually pretty decent. On the menu, it said the only dessert they have is Cherry Pie, but we didn’t try it.” Read more.

Jamie Rowe Parodies Jani Lane’s Pizza Plight

Metal-Sludge.com received a great parody of the Warrant hit ‘Heaven’ following news that bankrupt singer Jani Lane has resorted to running a pizza kitchen. An MP3 of ‘7-11 (Isn’t Too Far Away)’, which Rowe insists “I am down with Jani Lane and have always been down with Warrant. Since I learned in the past to clarify {{{THIS IS A PARODY!!}}} Use you sense of humour to the fullest!”, has since been removed at metalsludge.tv.

Warrant Singer Turns To Being Cook

After being twice divorced and bankrupt Warrant ex-lead singer Jani Lane is now working as the lead chef in a Cleveland bar kitchen. Lane still plans a solo effort though which is set to be released next winter. For more on this story and a photo of Chef Lane, click here.