Vince Neil Discusses ‘Ice Skating With The Stars’

Vince Neil was spotted outside BOA last night in Los Angeles. The Motley Crue singer talked about how he’d be competing on ABC’s ‘Ice Skating with the Stars’ on Thanksgiving before entering the restaurant with a female companion. “It’s fun, it’s something I’ve really never done before and getting out of your comfort zone and doing something crazy,” Vince said about ice skating. The rocker was completely dumbfounded when asked about Justin Bieber, telling the paparazzi he had no idea what the guy was talking about. Watch footage via YouTube below.

Vince Neil Explains 15 Year Wait For New Solo Album

NME talked to Vince Neil about his new solo album ‘Tattoos & Tequila’, why it’s taken him 15 years, what’s up with Motley Crue, and covering Elton John. “Well I didn’t have the time,” Neil said about the 15-year gap between solo albums. “I’ve been so busy touring with Motley Crue and putting together other businesses and things like that I just really hadn’t had the time to do it. But I kind of took this year, ’10, put out a book and put out some music, and have some fun, but of course Motley threw a little wrench into it and said hey, you gotta go to Europe and you gotta do Ozzfest, but it all worked out.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Vince Neil Discusses Solo Album, Crue Tour, Guitars & Tequila

Vince Neil recently sat down in the Gibson showroom in Toronto while on tour in support of his just-released solo album, ‘Tattoos & Tequila’. The Motley Crue frontman talked about which guitars were used on the new album, discussed Crue’s upcoming appearances on this summer’s Ozzfest and his tequila business. He also made an appeal for the return of a stolen Corvette Les Paul that also happens to be his favorite guitar of all time. “Tequila to me means bikinis, beach, sand, and summertime,” the Tres Rios Tequila owner explained. “It’s a fun liquor though.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Vince Neil Insists On Spotless Ferrari

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was eyed cleaning his Ferrari with “his trusty dusting wand” at the driveway of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, according to a New York Post spy. “He spent several minutes scurrying around the car, hair flying, making sure there was not a speck of dust on the paint. Call me crazy, but I would have taken care of that before I left home this morning, perhaps paid a valet to take care of it.”

Vince Neil Talks With Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly spoke to Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil last month about the one-year anniversary of Vince Neil Ink, his tattoo shop on the Las Vegas Strip. Vince talked about why he got into the business, his various businesses, his first tattoo, advice he has for someone looking for their first tattoo, and the future of the Crue – “We’re back in the studio in January making a new album and we’re back on the road June/July.”

The interview at YouTube has since been removed.

Vince Neil Talks Rock ‘N’ Roll & Tequila

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil spoke with GateHouse News Service about his newly launched line of tequila called Tres Rios. “It’s just good stuff … it’s made down outside of Guadalajara [Mexico],” he said. As for those wondering about why he’d be involved with selling an alcohol product, considering his drunk driving accident in 1984 that killed his passenger, Nicholas ‘Razzle’ Dingley of Hanoi Rocks, Neil responded, “I don’t endorse drinking and driving. I endorse driving responsibly. I made a tragic mistake that cost one of my dear friends his life.” Read more.

Vince Neil To Open Dr. Feelgood’s In Palm Beach

Jose Lambiet of the Palm Beach Post reports Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is set to open Dr. Feelgood’s in Clematis. The bar area will be designed to look like a pharmacy, the liquor bottles will be displayed between oversized pharmaceuticals and the bartenders will wear sexy nurses’ uniforms.

Vince Neil Ink Opening

Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil opens his tattoo shop, ‘Vince Neil Ink’, the first tattoo shop on The Strip, in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 3rd. Pictures from WENN and GlobePhotos have since been removed.