Vendetta Red ‘Silhouette Serenade’ Video

Vendetta Red are out with the video to their new single ‘Silhouette Serenade’, from their forthcoming album Sisters Of The Red Death, in stores August 30th. Watch it via MTV below.

Vendetta Red – Two Parts Red Wine, Two Parts Acid

Vendetta Red frontman Zach Davidson says the early days of the group had a sizable drug influence. “We were taking a lot of mescaline and acid when we started the band,” Davidson tells Jason Heller of San Francisco Weekly. “We rented a house with a basement, and everybody would come over and take drugs and flip out and go downstairs and play music. And then we started coming up with really good songs, so we decided to cut down on the drugs and play shows. I think our musical cement is two parts red wine and two parts acid.”

Vendetta Red Says AC/DC Opening Slot Was A Nightmare

Andrew Bonazelli of the Seattle Weekly spoke with Vendetta Red frontman Zach Davidson who talked about the band’s negative experience opening for AC/DC earlier this year at the Roseland Ballroom. “It was a fu**in’ nightmare, dude.” Davidson sighed. “It was scary how blatantly homophobic a lot of that crowd is. AC/DC’s music, whether you like it or not, is not socially conscious. You wanna drink, fu**, and smoke weed when you listen to AC/DC… and eat steak. Fu**in’ American dream. I can handle anything, but I didn’t really like it when, before you play a fu**ing note, the minute you go onstage, people are yelling ‘Faggot!’ That, of course, made me have to go down there and start kissing boys.” Read more.

Vendetta Red Frontman Parties Little For Vocal Sake

Though there will be great temptations to party it up on the summer tour, Vendetta Red frontman Zach Davidson is trying to be responsible — for fear of ruining his voice. “Now that I have the money to, I try to see this operatic (voice coach) in L.A. whenever I can — he’s very good at that, how to preserve your voice,” he told Tom Scanlon
of the Seattle Times. “When your voice goes, it’s like losing your penis. … If a singer loses his voice because he’s been partying too much or doesn’t take care of it, he ruins it for the whole band, and they hate him.” Read more.

Vendetta Red ‘Shatterday’ Video

The first video from Seattle band Vendetta Red is out. Look for their new CD ‘Between The Never And The Now’ in stores June 24th. Watch the ‘Shatterday’ video below.

Vendetta Red Has An Intense Interplay With Fans

Vendetta Red frontman Zach Davidson tells the Seattle Post-Intelligencer they have a great relationship with their fans, especially when playing live. “We’ve got kids who will run up on stage and throw you off of it — and then follow you right back into the crowd,” he said. “I can close my eyes and jump head first off the stage. And every kid in that crowd can close their eyes and jump head first off the stage, and they’ll be fine. It’s amazing. We’re the luckiest band in the world to have fans like that.” Read more.

Buddyhead Updates With Korn Shocker

Buddyhead posted updates today and Friday with the top story of the bunch being a nervous breakdown from Korn singer Jonathan Davis. Buddyhead reports, “From what we heard, mustache guy was in the studio alone doing vocals, the rest of the band was out buying new Adidas jump suits or something wack, and he just lost his sh**. He wants to now pushback the album, go back into the studio and redo all of his vocals with the entire band present.” The full article at, including news on Rikki Rachtman getting a job as a car salesman, Spin magazine, and more bashing of Vendetta Red, has since been removed.

Buddyhead Updates With Guns, Vendetta Red & Fred updated their gossip page Saturday and on Thursday as well. In the updates are news on their feature in Kerrang! which includes negative comments from Fred Durst (of course!), including news that Jennifer Rovero has denied that her child is Fred’s! Plus, news on Guns N’ Roses, the deaths of Death’s Chuck Schuldiner and Betty Blowtorch’s Bianca Halstead (a.k.a Bianca Butthole), and ‘hot’ new Seattle band Vendetta Red.