Type O Negative ‘September Sun’ Video

Type O Negative are out with the video to their new single ‘September Sun’, from the Brooklyn, New York gothic metal band’s seventh studio album ‘Dead Again’, out now SPV / Steamhammer. Watch it below.

5 Days Of Type O Negative

Headbanger’s Blog caught up with the guys from Type O Negative, talking about their home town, why chicks with accents make them horny and how man-for-man, the population of Brooklyn could single-handedly kick the asses of most small European nations.

Several interview clips with the band at MTV.com have since been removed.

Type O Negative Frontman Talks Jail, Family Betrayal & Wanting Death

Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele is negative on jail, family, and the value of the criminal justice system. Steele spoke with Artisan News Service about “being a coward hiding behind chemicals”, thinking he was immortal, and how certain people who said they loved him took advantage of the situation. Watch the clip at YouTube.