Two Door Cinema Club Talk Rain, Tantrums And Japanese Fans

Two Door Cinema Club spoke to Absolute Radio host Geoff Lloyd backstage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2011 earlier this month. The Northern Ireland indie rock band talked about raincoats, performing in mud baths, playing Glastonbury in relentless rain, getting coddled with golf carts rides, rock star tantrums and their Japanese fans.

“We don’t even have tantrums and we’re very undemanding,” vocalist Alex Trimble said about their laid back attitude. “We don’t ask for this stuff. There’s people who push us into cars because I don’t know.”

As for their Japanese fans, Alex said, “Everything’s so different. The culture, the people, just your surroundings. Everything is entirely new and strange and wonderful. The fans are so different and they’re so – I think the best word is just respectful. They’re very quiet when you’re playing. No one talks. They clap very politely. It’s strange to get used to. They bring you presents and stuff. They bring us socks and sake and chocolate and stuff, every time we go.”

Watch the interview via YouTUbe below.

Backstage At Pinkpop With Two Door Cinema Club

Studio Brussel caught up with Two Door Cinema Club at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands on Monday (June 13). The guys talked about their show earlier in the day, what’s coming up on their tour schedule, preferring to do songwriting at home rather than on tour, their post show debriefs, how festivals are an opportunity to catch up with friends, Eliza Doolittle’s legs, and looking forward to seeing Band of Horses. Watch the interview below.

Two Door Cinema Club Coachella 2011 Highlights

Two Door Cinema Club 'Never Hide' at Coachella

Footage of Two Door Cinema Club’s performance at Coachella 2011 has been made available as part of Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” campaignm, which encourages free expression. The guys talked about being excited to perform at the famous festival, how it’s a good way to build their fanbase, festivals having an even playing field for bands, dealing with the heat, and how it’s becoming harder for them to hide. Watch three interview and highlight clips from their Coachella gig and additional pictures below the cut. (more…)

Two Door Cinema Club Live At SXSW

Two Door Cinema Club at SXSW

Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Campaign features support from Two Door Cinema Club, who took part in an interview, photo shoot and performances during SXSW in Austin, Texas. The Northern Irish rock band talked about their most memorable experiences while being on tour, how some fans let loose when they see the group, knowing when they’ve had a good show, liking to perform at intimate venues, and being reluctant to take a break to keep fans from forgetting them. Watch the interview clips, mixed with highlights from their live set, and additional pictures from the concert and photo shoot below the cut. (more…)

Two Door Cinema Club Visit London’s Absolute Radio

Two Door Cinema Club speak to Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio in London about gigging, festivals, being in a band, wheelchair crowdsurfers, having their grandmothers follow them on Twitter and more. Watch it via YouTube below.

Two Door Cinema Club Aren’t A Fashion Band

Nylon TV caught up with Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Hallida of Two Door Cinema Club. The trio discussed how the songwriting process for them is collaborative, never having to try hard to write a song or running on schedules, being leotard averse, and not dressing any differently because they’re in a band. “We’ve been solely about music. We don’t call ourselves a fashion band,” Kevin said. “We don’t like to be seen as a fashion band.” Watch the brief segment via YouTube below.

Two Door Cinema Club Live Set & Interview On ‘The New Now’

Two Door Cinema Club did a live set for The New Now on Yahoo! Music. The Northern Ireland indie rock band performed ‘Undercover Martyn’, ‘I Can Talk’ and ‘Something Good Can Work’. Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday also did an interview, discussing how they got started, how the Belfast music scene was the best possible place for them starting out, their musical influences, gaining recognition thanks to the BBC naming them on the Sound of 2010 list, and how they’re happy doing things they way they want to rather than forcing things down the listeners’ throats. Watch it all below.