Snider On Schwarzenegger

In a recent interview with Perfect Pitch Online, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider described the experience of singing the group’s classic ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ at an Arnold Schwarzenegger rally in Sacramento earlier this month. “[Arnold] was very gracious and cool,” Dee said. “Backstage, we talked about some USO stuff – Twisted’s been doing USO, and so has he, and he suggested going to the Middle East together and raising the morale of the troops. I said, ‘Dude, I’m there.’ I’m a true fan, and I tell you, I’ve liked this guy for a long time, and he’s a man who gets things done. In his book, ‘Stay Hungry’, he says — and I thought he was just being, I don’t know, optimistic – ‘When I’m done being the biggest bodybuilder in history, I will then go into real estate. I will make millions. Then I’ll go into movies and be the biggest movie star in the world, and then I’ll go into politics.’ This was written in 1979. And as the years have gone by, I’ve watched him and gone, ‘Holy sh**.’ He’s a real estate tycoon, became the biggest movie star, and then he married a Kennedy! I thought, ‘This bastard’s gonna do it!’ I saw him at Jesse the Body’s inauguration — he was getting ready! I promise the state of California that he’s going to do what he says he’s going to do. He gets things done. If you don’t do the job right, we’ll find the Perots and the Bloombergs and the Jesse the Bodys and the Arnold Schwarzeneggers and we’ll find somebody who can do it right. We’ll fu**ing elect Gopher from ‘The Love Boat’ if you don’t do it right.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Dee Snider In Shock Over Kin’s Rubout

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider said yesterday that the gangland-style slaying of his brother-in-law has left his family crushed and desperate for answers.
“We’re sitting here, trying to find out what happened,” Snider told the New York Daily News. “We have no clues.” Vincent Gargiulo, a steelworker, was shot in the head Monday on W. 30th St. near Broadway as he walked to work. Police have theorized Gargiulo may have been targeted because of a failed business deal. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Dee Snider Pleads For Help In In-Law Slay

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider made a passionate plea for help to find the killer of his wife’s brother yesterday, a day after the 34-year-old construction worker was gunned down in New York City. “We are hoping to get whoever did this. We have no idea why this would happen to him,” Snider, 48, told The New York Post. “He was a great brother to my wife, a great brother-in-law and a great uncle to my kids.” Cops say they still have no motive or suspect in the killing of Vincent Gargiulo, who was shot execution style with one bullet in the face shortly before 7 a.m. on West 30th Street as he walked to work at a Con Ed construction site.

Twisted Sister And Tommy Lee Added To Powerfest

Twisted Sister and former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee have been added to the list of artists set to perform at Powerfest, a weekend-long festival that blends the best in music, motor sports, and entertainment. The three-day event will make its debut on August 1-3 in Budapest, Hungary. Each morning will blast off with a full day of championship drag racing coupled with a grand midway full of non-stop entertainment and live music. As the racers are crossing the finish line at the end of the day, a world-class music concert is getting ready to ignite the evening crowd. Each night’s concert series is followed by PowerTronics, all-night after-parties that go until dawn. For more information, visit

Twisted Sister To Reunite Next Summer

Associated Press reports Twisted Sister will reunite for at least two shows next summer. Guitarist Jay Jay French says the band hopes to announce additional dates soon. “I want this band to go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and to be recognized for what it is — one of the greatest live bands that ever existed,” said French.

Twisted Sister Is Regrouping

The New York Post reports hairband legends Twisted Sister are regrouping. The band, fronted by ex-ABC announcer Dee Snider, is hoping to be back together by early next year.

Dee Snider’s DJ Job Is Over

The Hartford Courant reports WMRQ-FM (104.1) has dumped former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider from its line-up, replacing him with Bubba the Love Sponge, a syndicated personality who broadcasts from Florida. Though management denied it, many believe it was because Snider was too expensive to keep, in light of his middling ratings. Snider’s contract was up in June. “We decided that Hartford needed something different and more notable from radio,” said Paula Messina, market manager for Clear Channel Hartford. has since removed the article.